Wooden Pedicure/Manicure Brush - HSN Code 9603 - Pack of 1

Wooden Pedicure/Manicure Brush - HSN Code 9603 - Pack of 1

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Wooden Pedicure and Manicure brush is an eco alternative for plastic brush, these brushes are made of rubber wood(which is light in weight) and coconut coir bristles. These brushes are eco friendly, sustainable, hand made and biodegradable.

The Soft coir bristles exfoliates the dead skin and helps clean the dirt. These brushes form excellent lather with reetha liquid.

Why shift to wooden Pedicure/manicure brush?

Does not scratch the skin.

Safe on health, safe on planet.

Long lasting and doesnt wear off easily.

Suitable for both wet and dry usage.

Ultra light weight wood for easy handling. Ergonomically designed, easy to hold.

All natural, No wax or varnish coating.

Note : Colour and Shade of Wood varies as it is natural wood. At the end of its useful life, you can make diy's like paper weight or it can be easily composted.


Brush Length 9 cm

Brush Width 2.5 cm

Block Thickness 2 cm

Bristle Length 2.5 cm