Foot Care Butter - HSN Code 3304 - 25g

Foot Care Butter - HSN Code 3304 - 25g


Our foot care butter is made of simple ingredients, which are effective for heel treatment, we believe in providing the best of ancient practices along with modern science.

All our products revolve around Ancient practices and Ayurveda. Our foot care butter also follows the same.


Ingredients in our foot care butter and its benefits for heels.


1. Organic A2 Ghee

Ayurveda prescribes using ghee for foot massage every night, using ghee for heels will give sound sleep and also the much needed nourishment.


2. Raw bee wax

Since ancient times bee wax has been used to protect skin and heal the skin. Bee wax creates a protective layer on skin, did you know Beeswax is a natural exfoliator, ideal for sloughing away dead skin cells.


3. Raw cocoa butter

Cocoa butter can replenish skin's moisture and create a barrier to protect the heel from moisture loss. When compared with other butters, cocoa butter absorbs well without leaving heel greasy.


4. Cold pressed virgin olive oil