Laundry Detergent Powder (HSN Code 1404) - 5kg

Laundry Detergent Powder (HSN Code 1404) - 5kg

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Praacheen Vidhaan natural laundry detergent powder is made of naturally occuring saponins powder from berries & pods and contains active cleaning agents(citrus peels), along with antibacterial and antifungal powders from natural herbs(neem), with added natural fragrance.  

  • Care Instructions

    Our products are all natural and does not contain any preservatives, stabilisers and fillers, they need your care and attention.
    Store the products away from wet and damp places, and as soon as you recieve do transfer the contents into an airtight jar(takeaway food boxes are good too) and use a dry spoon to scoop the product. Do not use wet spoon or wet hands. 
    Alternatively you can place the product packets in a big air tight box or any big cover and secure the ends tight and tranfer them at your ease. 

  • Usage Instructions

    For bucket wash, Use 2 tbsp powder directly under the tap water(to froth) into a bucket, soak and wash as usual.
    For machine wash, Use 3 tsp of powder in a old sock or a drawstring bag, put it inside the washing machine along with the clothes and use the regular wash cycle.