Virgin Cold Pressed Rose Hip Oil - HSN Code 1515 - 10ml

Virgin Cold Pressed Rose Hip Oil - HSN Code 1515 - 10ml


Rosehip oil roller

Our 100% pure Rosehip Oil is made by using the traditional method of cold pressing the seeds of rosehip tree fruit.

Did you know rosehip oil is known as "LIQUID GOLD" in cosmetic industry.

Why and When to use rosehip oil on lips?

Rosehip oil is rich in fatty acids and vitamins A & C and natural retinols which protects lips from damage using rosehip oil everyday gives immense benefit to the skin and lips.

1. Apply it before applying your lipstick for protection and hydration.

2. Use rosehip oil everyday to reduce lip pigmentation.

3. Use it when you feel your lips are dry and chapped.

4. Use it when you have pigmentation and dark skin around your lips.

5. Use it to reduce premature fine lines around your lips( works for finelines aroundthe eye).

Rosehip oil acts as a natural moisturiser, renegrates cell production and boosts collagen and reduces dark spots and blemishes, when a single natural oil gives all these benefits why use commercially available toxic chemicals loaded lip balm and lip creams.