About Us


Introducing Praacheen Vidhaan(Safe on Health, Safe on Earth), an eco-friendly, sustainable, zero waste generating, made in India, hand crafted, biodegradable, 100% single use plastic free, plant based natural products company, a startup by Chaitra Kunal and Kunal Mysore, based out of bangalore.


Commercially available FMCG products are loaded with chemicals which discharge harmful chemicals into water channels everyday there by affecting the aquatic life, water channels, the environment and the Mother Earth including us.

Our company's vision and aim is to promote zero waste and zero chemical discharge from homes and offices which helps the society and environment in a big way.

Our products range include skin care and hair care products, home care, dishwash and laundry cleaners, natural scrubbers, cold pressed oils, wellness products and sustainables which are based on ancient practices and techniques.

Our products are replacements for commercially available products which help us and the environment to rejuvenate. Embark on a journey in creating a sustainable living.