Manjistha Powder (HSN Code 1404) - 100g

Manjistha Powder (HSN Code 1404) - 100g


Manjistha forms a part of many ayurvedic formulations that are extremely beneficial for the skin. It is part of manjisthaditailam and kumkumaditailam, which are applied to get a glowing complexion, and also in kanaktailam, which fights premature aging and wrinkles. In Ayurveda, manjistha is described as having “varṇya” property, that is, it can improve your complexion and make it lustrous.

As we all know a pigment known as melanin is responsible for our skin color, the more melanin you have, the darker your skin looks.  Excessive deposits of melanin also lead to tan, freckles, brown spots, and hyperpigmentation disorders like melasma.
 If an uneven skin tone or blemishes are an issue you are dealing then manjistha can be helpful as it will reduce the melanin levels by inhibiting an enzyme known as tyrosinase which plays an important part in the production of this pigment. Studies show that manjistha might indeed have a skin lightening effect.

  • Care Instructions

    Our products are all natural and does not contain any preservatives, stabilisers and fillers, they need your care and attention.
    Store the products away from wet and damp places, and as soon as you recieve do transfer the contents into an airtight jar(takeaway food boxes are good too) and use a dry spoon to scoop the product. Do not use wet spoon or wet hands. 
    Alternatively you can place the product packets in a big air tight box or any big cover and secure the ends tight and tranfer them at your ease. 

  • Usage Instructions

    Take required quantity of the powder. Make a paste with honey or curd and apply over face, body and rinse.