Recycled Newspaper Color Pencils - HSN Code 9609

Recycled Newspaper Color Pencils - HSN Code 9609


These unique colour pencils are wood-free and made from your daily newspaper! No trees were harmed in the making of these pencils!


How its made?

Recycled paper is tightly rolled around the color lead.

Why newspaper color pencils?

In India alone, we consume around 15-18 billion pencils each year and that comes at a grave cost of 7 million trees annually. These trees can be saved by repurposing old newspapers into pencils.


Wood-free and 100% recycled paper.

Smooth to draw and colour with, and easy to sharpen, highly pigmented soft lead.

Perfect for Sketching, Doodling & Fine Art.

No Trees were cut to make this pencil,

Available in 10 different Colors, comes in a recycled papertube packaging.

Makes a great gift for fellow eco-warriors!